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Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle Nude Nikki Cappelli Topless

Here are some more pics of Candice Michelle who was the GoDaddy.Com girl, Nikki Cappelli, during their SuperBowl commercial. She definately fills out that GoDaddy.Com t-shirt nicely.

Nikki Cappelli

Nikki Cappelli Nude Candice Michelle Nude

The SuperBowl turned out some pretty interesting commercials this year. One of the more interesting commercials was the GoDaddy.Com commercial featuring Nikki Cappelli. Even GoDaddy.Com recognizes the importance of using an attractive female to grab attention for their products. I'm sure they would of garnered even more fans if they had Nikki Cappelli topless or even better to have Nikki Cappelli nude. Nonetheless, there is no way the FCC would allow it, but it would've gotten results I'm sure.

Some of the commenters have pointed out that Nikki Cappelli is actually Candice Michelle so I added another picture of her.

Everybody gets a free car. My treat.

That was the theme of the day for Oprah Winfrey when she bought herself a lot of ratings by giving away 276 brand new cars. General Motors helped her out by setting her up with $7 million worth of Pontiac G6 sports sedans to give away. Wouldn't that be nice. This begs the question, was this $7 million marketing investment worth it? And will there be any return on investment? Check out the full story at People Magazine.

Free Cars

Go Daddy

As I was browsing the web today I came across an advertisement that pictured someone who looked very familiar and she was in a Great Expectations dating ad. It's the same girl that's on the front page of the "Go Daddy" web site. It's interesting how this works. What a coincidence. Looks like her name is actually Heather. Didn't know that before.
Go Daddy - - - - > Great Expectations
I suspect that Great Expectations fraudently posts decent looking chicks on their ads so that people will click on them by using stock photography. They couldn't get any good looking chicks to be in their ads or maybe it's an easy way to cut costs.

I found a great new resource for stock photos. It's really cheap too. You can get photos of professional quality for under 50 cents each. Sometimes you can even get photos free if you are a member. It's amazing that other sites on the web are charging $70 or more for one photo when you can get comparable if not better quality from instead. I'll definately be getting my photos from them for now on.

30 Terrabytes of Traffic!

It's hard to believe that a cartoon developed in Santa Monica, CA out of relative obscurity could garner so much traffic. They serve millions of movies and over 30 terrabytes of traffic a month. Only on the Internet. Check it out at Jib Jab.

JibJab - This Land

Google worth over $36 billion?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
With the Google IPO looming, Google now estimates shares will be between $108 and $135. With an estimated 24.6 million shares for sale, the company would be valued at over $36 billion. That's a lot of money and more value than Yahoo currently has. The valuation would be double as well and many analysts question if this company is too richly valued. I would say yes and as reality sets in, these GOOG shares may trade a little lower than everyone anticipates.

New Surveillance Photo

Here's a photo taken on September 11, 2001 in Washington at Dulles Airport. This guy was one of 5 hijackers who made it through security even after getting pulled aside for extra scrutiny. He later boarded flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon.

Hijacker under intense scrutiny after setting of metal detector

Why can't a newspaper be more like a blog?

Interesting conclusion on newspapers and blogs. I imagine that with the blogging momentum in full force, it won't be too long before all news worthy sources including newspapers will need to be online and provide blog-type capabilities with less edited content. This is the brave new landscape for how we will read news in the future. We are all going to be a part of creating it.

5 Paths to Persuasion

Found this article on persuasion and selling. It was an interesting read so I'll pass it on.

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